In 2025 All Coffee In The EU Have To Be Traceable!

Apr 01, 2024

We started this morning with listening to a sound clip from The Swedish Radio about a new law that will be applied in The European Union starting 2025, of course it's about the best thing we know: Coffee! 

In 2025 ALL coffee that is imported to The European HAVE to be traceable and documented. This means that ALL coffee companies have to start showing where their coffee comes from! 

Why? Maybe you wonder? 
In 2025 it will become illegal to sell coffee in The European Union which come from areas where the land has been deforested. 

A big Swedish Coffee Corporation, well actually the biggest, called Löfbergs Lila, are expressing their thoughts on this new law in the clip from Sveriges Radio. They are expressing that this new law will be problematic for them because they are importing a lot of coffee in containers from the whole world. And that a lot of the coffee they import comes from small scale farmers. They also emphasize that coffee will become more expensive for the consumer, because of this new law.

This is not really how we see things at Lassgård Kaffe, we applaud this new law! Finally it's time to be fully transparent in the whole supply chain of coffee, in fact, it will be illegal for a coffee company NOT to be transparent and tell where their coffee origins from. We have a whole page on where our coffee originates from and the people behind it, here.

We predict that this will lead to that a lot of coffee companies, importers and exporters, will start to cheat with their documents though. Lying about where their coffee originates from with false documents.

Because we at Lassgård are on a mission to stop the exploitation in the coffee industry, and we despite injustices, we decided to take a closer look on what Löfbergs Lila (because they talked on Sveriges Radio about this new law) tell their customers on their packaging AND on their social media! 

Now you be the judges:
Will it be easy to do right for a big coffee corporation like this?
Listen to the whole sound clip at Sveriges Radio here. 

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