Our Christmas Campaign - Lassgard Sharing Memories from our most private moments.

Nov 20, 2023

In our campaign we share authentic moments from our family's everyday life. You get a unique insight into life with us, the Lassgård family – David, me and our two sons. For the first time, the children are also in front of the camera together with their grandfather, Rolf Lassgård.
Opening up about our private lives feels both nerve-wracking and amazing. I have grown up sheltered from the media spotlight and have kept my privacy close to my heart. Therefore, it will be extra special to share with us private memories from our Christmases in Sweden. It is a matter of course that dad is there; he has always been Santa on Christmas Eve for us.
In this year's Christmas campaign from Lassgård Kaffe, every moment is authentic and warm. We want to convey a present feeling of togetherness and love. The campaign celebrates traditions and invites you to experience the warmth that our coffee and the Lassgård family represent.
Thank you for sharing this special moment with us! Watch it here.



Jul med Lassgard



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