Moving Home - To Medellin

Moving Home - To Medellin

Feb 09, 2024

David was interviewed by the Member Newspaper A a few weeks ago, I also participated in a corner, but it was mainly about David's adoption because it is members of the Adoptionscentrum who receive the newspaper.LassgardMedellin

He and the journalist talked about moving back to his country of origin as an adoptee. We are critical of adoption, this is probably known to most people who have listened to our podcast, Lassgard Studio, when we had guests like Tobias Hubinette and talked openly about David's adoption. And it felt good to read about David's journey and how he now, after moving back to Medellin, feels calm and proud of his country and his city. I became very proud of him and of us who have made it have the journey together and create a home for us and for our sons in Medellin.



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