Medellín's Taco Paradise: Criminal Taquería vs. El Altar Taquería

Medellín's Taco Paradise: Criminal Taquería vs. El Altar Taquería

Jan 23, 2024

Hanne and David here, ready to take you on a taste adventure through Medellin's best taquerias. We've recently explored two taquerias located in El Poblado and our own area: Envigado! They are none other than Criminal Taquería and El Altar Taquería. Join us as we compare flavors, menus, atmosphere, and the overall experience from these two taco hotspots.

El Altar Taquería: A Heavenly Altar for Your Taste Buds
Our first visit to El Altar was after picking up David's ID in El Poblado. This small street-side restaurant with a hole-in-the-wall vibe stole our hearts. With two locations in Provenza and Manilla, they offer around 6-7 taco options for 30,000 pesos (three tacos and a drink). The tacos are incredible, and the atmosphere transports you to an authentic Mexican street kitchen. From Tamarindo and Flor de Jamaica drinks to churros, El Altar Taquería is a must-try in Medellín!

"Three tacos and a drink cost 30,000 pesos, and they have approximately 6-7 tacos to choose from. They also offer churros and a corn dish with crème fraîche, cheese, tajin, and chili. For drinks, they have classic Horchata, Tamarindo, and Flor de Jamaica, as well as soda and beer."

"The tacos here are absolutely incredible! We've tried almost EVERYTHING on the menu, and a standard order for us is: Tamarindo drink with Tajin on the rim, Flor De Jamaica, a corn dish, and 6 tacos. There's an atmosphere and a feeling here where you can't quite tell where you are, are you in Mexico or in Medellin? El Altar Taquería had a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. It felt like we were sitting in an authentic Mexican street kitchen with the aroma of grilled meat and freshly ground spices filling the air. The people working here are unique and very cool; they even speak a bit of English! We even brought our parents here when they visited, and they loved it too! They also have brunch at a nearby restaurant, but we haven't tried it yet!"

A Must Go When Visiting Medellin

Criminal Taquería: A Sinfully Good Experience
Despite seeing Criminal Taquería in Poblado multiple times, it took until December 2023 for us to try it, now that it's opened in Envigado. With a smaller, flavorful menu, we were pleasantly surprised. Their Flor de Jamaica was spicier and tastier than El Altar's. The tacos were hotter and more flavorful, leading us to order more. Despite being fans of El Altar, Criminal Taquería proved equally impressive.

"We sat on the small outdoor terrace, as it's always fun to people-watch and feel the atmosphere. However, inside, the restaurant is gigantic, and many people working in the area have lunch here. The menu is quite short, which we always appreciate when it comes to tacos; we prefer a small and flavorful selection. As usual, we have different preferences in tacos; David often chooses seafood and sausage, while Hanne more frequently opts for chicken and fish. But that's great because it gives us a comprehensive assessment."

"Since we love El Altar, we were skeptical about this restaurant, but we couldn't have been more wrong. Their Flor de Jamaica was spicier and tastier than at El Altar. Their tacos were hotter, more flavorful, and we ordered more and more!"

"Since we've been in Cartagena for a month, we haven't been able to visit it again, but we've recommended it to all our friends, and they also had a great experience!"

Conclusion: Two Worthy Taco Masters After comparing Criminal Taquería and El Altar Taquería, we confidently say both places are masters in the art of tacos. Dining at these spots feels like a trip to Mexico, immersing yourself in the street ambiance, music, and enchanting flavors. When in Medellín, it's a must to savor tacos here—your taste buds will thank you! Give both Criminal Taquería and El Altar Taquería a try for a fantastic culinary adventure!

Love, Hanne and David


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